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Customer Testimonials

Thank you, RVConnex, for your product. What a great product and service! The owner was excellent to work with to get this unlimited internet service in place for us. We full time RV and work full time and this product has changed the way we work! The reliability and speed of this system has really made a difference in our daily work day/time. If you need mobile quality internet conductivity, I highly recommend RVConnex! Thanks again for the excellent service.

Full Time RV Couple

Not only is this an AWESOME product, it is made by AWESOME people. The owner, and his wife, went out of their way to get my family truly unlimited internet access. They were busy due to the holiday season, and going through a personal emergency (Out of respect, I will not divulge the details); yet, they found a way to help us nonetheless. Is it more money per month than some are willing to pay? Yes. Is it worth it to have the freedom to stream almost anywhere? Yes. Their motto, which I am enamored with is: It is easier to explain price once, than apologize for quality forever. Thanks to The owner and his wife, I will never have to apologize because my internet signal is too weak for streaming. You truly are a cut above Thank you!!!