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Our Terms of use

No exceptions to this policy

Terms of use of our RVConnex Routers

We own the LTE Kit software & admin rights, you have NO admin rights to the LTE Kit

We own the sim card it is NOT yours

SIM card cannot be removed or moved to any other device as it is locked to that kit

We reserve the right to shut off any service in violation of this policy.

there is a initial 14 day trial period money back policy

No refunds after the first 14 days of use

We cater to full time RV users with annual usage. We DO NOT recommend seasonal RV use as this is a year round device and use. ALL months regardless of use or not are at our regular rates.

We reserve the right to shut off any router for any violation of our terms of use.


LTE is only about 70% effective to use in the USA with speeds and reliability we do NOT offer any returns within the first 14 days for poor tower area or tower saturation. KNOW YOUR AREA FOR GOOD COVERAGE BEFORE YOU BUY PLEASE.


We do not guarantee LTE speeds due to tower saturation issues at any given time or location or tower location issues within the network.


If you have 3 bars of service in your area then you should see good data speeds Live Streaming takes minimum 5mbps steady speed.

If you push RESET on your router there will be a 125.00 charge to reprogram it & a 99.00 charge for S&H to send it back to you on a 2 day express shipping. We will charge your CC on file for this!! DO NOT EVER PUSH RESET ON YOUR ROUTER WE SEND YOU!!

We DO NOT recommend online gaming or recommend gaming using any LTE product or data. We reserve the right to shut off any router in violation of this policy.