WiFiConnect Inc.

Getting America Connected using Modern Technologies

Finally an Internet Solution that is FULLY MOBILE !!!!!!!!

-RV traveling live streaming speeds and fully mobile as you drive down road!
-Non Rigid Setup/Fully portable device even has SOLAR POWER capability for OFF GRID use (we can sell you the solar battery pack)
-Zero data caps
-Zero speed throttling
-You purchase the Wii router from us (you DO NOT have admin rights to the router)
-Self install kit with full tech support
-Speeds range from 2-50mbps (depending on bars of reception & antennas used with router & location in USA)
-SHTF Ready to grab-n-go
-Perfect for any BOB (bug out bag)
-For pricing and to order please provide your email to our office at [email protected] PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR TEXT